We’ve heard it before. You’ve likely said it before, especially since each of the three major golf car companies has introduced all-new models since 2004. Is there really any difference? Maybe it’s easier just to buy the golf car you bought last time, right? But wait. Let us ask you a question. How many new drivers or putters or golf shoes are introduced each year? If people just bought what they bought last time, we’d all still be hitting persimmon woods and wearing metal spikes. Leasing or buying a golf car fleet is one of the major expenses you face, so doing things the old way won’t cut it, not today. Now is the time to apply a little critical thinking to this process and ask yourself what it is that really matters to you, your course and your customers. Is it comfort, dependability, ease of maintenance? Whatever the criteria, put it down in writing. Then let’s put the three golf cars to the test. Your test. Will Yamaha win every challenge? Doesn’t matter. It’s not about us. It’s about you and, in the end, getting the most cost-efficient golf car for your course and the most enjoyable golf car for your customers.